Staying connected – Saturday March 21, 2020

Hello friends of Victoria parkrun, Kitchener. Welcome to our new world. I hope you
are keeping well and have been able to get outside to enjoy some exercise in the
milder weather we’ve had this week (keeping social distancing in mind of course!). Bit cold today eh?

So all parkrun events across the world are temporarily closed. You might think this
means an end to parkrun news, but this week at least, I thought I’d say hello,
and share about staying active safely.

parkrun devotees acknowledge (at least) two great components to the parkrun
success story; community building and health promotion. Whilst we have to put
a hold on the face-to-face asset temporarily, don’t feel you’re loosing out on the
parkrun fraternity altogether. There are several parkrun groups on Facebook
and other social networks. You can pick up the feed from Victoria Park, Guelph
or further afield with parkrun tourism discussion groups etc. etc. Time to

Don’t forget there’s a myriad of mobile phone apps that will track your run and
help you stay connected too. I know a few parkrun regulars use Strava and I have
been known to lurk from the couch, inspired (or shamed) by the efforts of
friends and family (thanks Ola, thanks Bill!).

I won’t have to sell the other big parkrun plus to you. We all know that running,
jogging and walking are great ways to improve your health and well-being. These
perks are needed more than ever now and unlike a trip to the gym or a game of
hockey, these exercise boosts are still accessible to us all. You should be
encouraged too to hear a good number of scientific papers promote mild-
moderate exercise as a way of priming your immune system. You armchair
immunologist/parkrun news writer can report regular exercise has been found
to reduce the risk and severity of respiratory tract infections in a number of
studies. Please don’t overdo it though, or run if you have cough/cold symptoms
already. Keep your distance from others and stay safe.

So I hope you stay healthy, connected and motivated in the coming weeks. Keep
calm and carry on.

Happy Plodding,