Run Report for Event #90 Saturday March 7, 2020

Victoria Parkrun joined parkruns all over the world today in a celebration of
women participating in sport. The purple ribbons and clothes (buried perhaps
beneath outer layers) were worn to recognise International Women’s Day (8th
March 2020) #IWD.

Photo Credit: Ola Mabifa

Photo Credit: Ola Mabifa

You’ll also have noted a good amount of green on display as we welcomed folks
from the Irish Real Life Festival. They were kicking off ten days of events and fun
in Kitchener-Waterloo region (check out their website for more details at ).

So around the park this morning you’ll have seen brilliant blue skies, snow, ice
and flashes of purple and green. Positively Spring-like if you’ll excuse the minus
9 on the thermometer! Still, with the sun and snow battling it out and St Patrick’s
day coming up on the calendar you know the cold can’t last too much longer.
Fingers crossed. I know it was mighty cold last week but I’m feeling optimistic as
I study the weather forecast for this week at least.

Photo Credit: Steve Money

Photo Credit: Steve Money

Joining at us for the first time this week were newcomers Robert HALE, Sue
MACNEIL, Anes R and Ivy FRIEDMAN. We were also joined by friends from
Guelph. Welcome, one and all. We hope you enjoyed our colourful race.

The first runner home this week was our familiar First Finisher Chris MOORE
(18:00). Similarly, the First Female Finisher was familiar face Erin FOX (19:41).
As one of the newbies commented to me, nobody minds being passed by Erin as
she always has enough breath for some words of encouragement.

It was a good turnout for our rather wintery event. Sadly, a good few people
hadn’t registered with parkrun for the their barcode so I can’t crow about
anniversaries, PBs or other oddities. Instead, I’ll conclude with a big thank you
to our volunteers and spectators. Volunteering this week were Julia HEYENS,
Jonathan GASCHO, Eugene HO, Kristin SNELL, Ola MABIFA, Cathy MONEY, Steve
MONEY and Will PERCIVAL. Great work, folks. May the luck of the Irish be with
you all!

I hope to see you next week at our 91st parkrun event next week and start the
clock on your count down to the 100 th event on 16 th May 2020.

Til then, happy plodding everyone,