Run Report for Event #87 Saturday February 15th, 2020

Question: How cold does it have to be before we don’t run parkrun?

The answer (at least in our house) is yet to be defined…. Another properly cold
morning this Saturday in Victoria Park (-13°C): the sort of temperature the
English might aptly describe as “Parky”. With that recollection in mind, I’d like to
start by saying thank you, once again, to our volunteers who come out rain, or
shine, snow or sleet. This week the parkrun core team of Julia HEYENS, Cathy
and Steve MONEY were ably assisted by Edith PERCIVAL.

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering and wanted to know more, you can
check out the different roles on the parkrun pages…. Handing out tokens is a
pretty safe place to start, or helping set up/take down our portable signs. The tail
walker has the pleasure of ensuring everyone is home safely and if you’re
looking for more responsibility there’s time keeping, race directing or trying to
mention the best of everyone’s achievements in the run report. Sign up and give
volunteering a go!

Back to our crisp 5km. We may not have had many runners this week, but that
doesn’t mean there was nothing of note going on. It seems Personal Best (PB)
times are up for grabs whatever the weather. Justin SCHOENFELD was back for
his second parkrun and took the best part of 5 minutes off his previous run.
Chris MOORE collected a 10th first place this week. Quite a nice sound to that 10
parkruns and 10 first finishes track record. Congratulations Chris! This guy
obviously the one to watch out for at our event. Erin FOX also has a tidy record
at our event. The first lady home this week, Erin has only once failed to claim the
First Female Finisher position in her Victoria parkrun 5kms. Nicely done, Erin.

Whilst on the subject of Female Finishers, I’ll take this opportunity to point out
parkrun is encouraging you to invite a female friend or relative along on
Saturday 7th March 2020 ahead of International Women’s Day. parkruns on this
day will be part of a special initiative to breakdown the barriers that prevent
women and girls from participating in sport. You’ll know, of course that parkrun,
is for everyone, no matter what your race, background or physical ability.
However, across the world, parkrun wants to spread awareness of the benefits of
community exercise and involve as many people as possible. This is a special
opportunity then to promote the parkrun feel-good factor. Invite a female friend,
sister, mother or daughter along and don’t forget to mention participants of any
pace are welcome and they won’t finish last (a position strictly reserved for that
tail walker volunteer I mentioned earlier). There’s an optional purple dress code
for this special occasion.

I’m off on my holidays next week and won’t be back until that special event on 7th
March so good luck cajoling your female friends and Happy Plodding.