Run Report for Event #86 Saturday February 8, 2020

Well, at -10°C that was a cold one. I thought I’d start with a quick comparison of
parkrun temperatures this week, as it seemed rather chilly out there in Victoria
Park. Knowing how far south we are (relatively speaking in Canada), I took a
quick look at what the weather conditions were like at other events across the
country. For example, you could have been enjoying a sunny and balmy 4°C at
Clover Point Parkrun in Victoria, BC or a snowy run in Halifax (just -5°C though).
Even the most northerly parkrun in Canada, at Syne Point Park, Fort McMurray,
AB wasn’t much colder than Kitchener this week (-12 °C) so well done to all
those who turned out, volunteers, runners and spectators alike!

Photo Credit: Steve Money

Photo Credit: Steve Money

So this week, our first named finisher was Martina CANESI. I had the dubious
pleasure of watching the finish as I passed nearby with a lap to go. It looked like
a great dash for the line with Martina passing a couple of “unknowns” in the last
few metres. Well done Martina, & get your bar codes out everyone else to help
me keep track of your brilliant results!!

Despite the cold, we had solid performances from familiar faces like Steve
MONEY, Natalie de FREITAS and Mark HARRISON plus some new blood too.

Welcome to Hans MUELLER, doubly so for joining us on such a cold morning. I
hope your first parkrun was a positive experience.

A couple of new Personal best records to note in my brief round of news this
week; Amin JAHANPOUR and Jessie BARROW were going faster than ever.
Congrats on your PB times. Something to do with a race to get warm, I wonder?

Well, let’s look forward to another parkrun next week and hope that spring isn’t
too far away now we’ve reached mid-February. Our gratitude goes out again to
the volunteers who turn up whatever the weather. Thank you this week
particularly to Julia HEYENS, Cathy MONEY, Steve MONEY, Douglas PERCIVAL,
Ola and Alesha MABIFA and other assorted PERCIVAL family members for
setting up.

Happy plodding & keep yourself upright in the ice and snow,

Best wishes,