Run Report for Event #85 Saturday February 1st, 2020

Hello there!

To start our parkrun news this week, I thought I’d share a little explorative work
I’ve been doing. On the back of my comments about parkrun tourism and with
my husband’s departure for France today, I thought I would nose around the
parkrun situation in Europe and report back. I should add, my interest may also
be linked to daydreaming induced by long Canadian winters and a smidge of
wanderlust genetically passed down to me.

Knowing how the people of Kitchener-Waterloo love their German & Dutch
heritage, I poked around this niche of Northern Europe. Though not known for
winter sun, Germany, like Kitchener, has been enjoying parkrun for 2 years and
has 30 locations from Hamburg in the North to Munich in the South. They have
another 50 venues interested in getting, (well, if you’ll pardon the pun) up and

By comparison, the Netherlands will start it’s parkrun journey this year. How
quaint that the Dutch, whom we associate with KW’s heritage culture, are young
in all things parkrun. Embrace the stereotypes so often peddled at country
markets for a moment and you’ll envisage well-humoured, self-depreciating,
long-legged Dutch people on pancake-flat courses passing dykes and windmills.
Naturally, they’ll all be sporting orange parkrun Apricot T-shirts. It’s all Gouda!

Now, with only a passing thought for winter sun, back to our own wonderful
Winterloo and Kitchener too event. First up, I’d like to congratulate Erin FOX on being both our First Finisher and First Female home. I have a feeling
this was a PB too. Congratulations.

Next up, came Michael CHEPESIUK, a newbie both to parkrun and our course.
Hope you enjoyed the experience. Come back soon!

Colin RHODES (Tri-City Track), Martina CANESI (Guelph Victors) were the next
finishers. Then, along came Damion CAWTHRA, and what a belter he is! Setting
down a PB of 22:01, Damion (JM11-14) was some distance ahead of dad, Kevin
CAWTHRA. And he looked entirely comfortable when he lapped me. We’ll have
to watch that one, surely a rising star with that great run.

In the rest of the field, we had a solid turn out from familiar faces, a scattering of
visiting Guelph Victors and a bustle of newbies. Our six newcomers were Michael
Henley LAPID and Morgan MILLER. Welcome and hope to see you all again.

Naturally, congratulations are due to all those notching new Personal Best times;
not easy with a slippery bridge to content with this week. Cool conditions
obviously suited Larry HARDMAN, Amin JAHANPOUR, Douglas PERCIVAL,
Melanie SCHAFER, and Jaynie WHITE. Good job, one and all. Five PBs for our
fifth parkrun of the year, now if we can just keep that pattern going…….

Finally, warm thanks to Julia HEYENS, Eugene HO, Kristine SNELL, Katherine
PERCIVAL, and the MABIFA family (Adenike, Alesha, Amira, Haliyah and Richie
MABIFA) for your volunteering efforts. We were well supported this week,

cheers! The Money family were missed, but we hope you’ve enjoyed a well-
earned break and warmer feet between 9-10am than usual!

Thinking of warm feet, look after yours. No slipping on the snow and ice this
week, that we’ll see you safe and sound for our 86th parkrun event next week.

Happy plodding & best of health to you all,