Run Report for Event #84 Saturday January 25, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year to you and welcome back to parkrun News at Victoria
Park. I’ve missed writing for a couple of weeks so I‘ll endeavour to make a brief
mention of the last couple of events. Got to acknowledge all those strong and
hearty enough to be running in heavy rain (11th Jan) and heavy snow (18th Jan).
Oh, and by the way, congratulations! If you made it out to parkrun today you
have cleared the notorious Quitter’s Day (17th Jan).

With modestly better weather this week (yes really, light rain does count as
better), our numbers swelled. The course was wet, but not icy and we had 31
finishers led by Chris MOORE (16:52) of Tri-City Track Club.

Michael and Lisa STEWART have been featuring as fast finishers in the last
couple of events, both tallied new personal best times this week. Lisa STEWART
was the first woman home today recording a new PB with a time of 20:01 whilst
Michael’s new record is 17:28. Lisa was also listed as the first finisher in last
week’s results. Great job both of you.

Colin RHODES has also been putting down some good times. He was our first Vet
back today with a new PB of 20:52. With two new PBs in the last three races and
the first finisher two weeks ago in that heavy rain, Colin maybe one to watch out
for. I note that Tom STORM holds the record for the VM35-39 category, but
finished behind Colin today. It will be interesting to see how this develops
gentlemen; perhaps a drier day will see that age category record tumble.
Also notching a PB this week, was Eugene HO. Eugene is relatively new to our
course with just four parkruns recorded. Well done today Eugene, and thanks for volunteering to be tailwalker, we hope you
stick with us.

With the rain, snow, ice and slush, sadly our sister parkrun at Guelph (on the
Eramosa River Trail) had to cancel their event today. But it’s always a pleasure
for us to welcome runners from Guelph to our course in Victoria Park. Today, we
were joined by a good handful of runners; our long time friend, Aidan Kelly and
other Guelph Victors, Martina CANESI and Larry HARDMAN. Plus, we enticed
Karen MACGILLIVARY and ED OBRIEN to give our course a try. This was their
second parkrun experience, having tried the Guelph event previously.

Did you know that if you tried a new course every week in Canada you’d have 38
weeks accounted for? Take that new venue every week habit to a global scale
and you’d be busy for 27 years! There are now over 1,400 courses in 32
countries and unofficial clubs for parkrun tourists who are busy visiting them.

You may have heard of the Alphabeteers who tick off parkruns for each letter in
the alphabet, but have you heard of the Freyne club (for 250 different global
events), or going for a Bailey? This latter challenge is still an option for Karen
and Ed: completing a Bailey is running your first 100 runs at 100 different
events. Will we ever see them again?

No parkrun anywhere across the globe would be exist without our dedicated
volunteers. This week our warmest, driest thanks go to Julia HEYENS, Eugene
HO, Adenike, Alesha, Amira, Haliyah and Richie MABIFA, Cathy and Steve

MONEY. It’s not a whole lot of fun standing around in cold rain so I want to
acknowledge your efforts with a big thank you.

Whether you were outside, or sitting at home thinking about it, I hope to see you
next week at our 85th parkrun event.

Til then, happy plodding,

Best wishes,