Run Report for event #81 Saturday January 4, 2020

Happy New Year! I hope your resolutions include coming along to plenty of
parkruns - whether you plan on running, jogging, walking, hopping, skipping, or
volunteering. You’re always welcome at Victoria Park, or venture out and join
the parkrun tourists trying out new courses this year.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate at the start of January. I’ll start with
a shout to Mark HARRISON who ran his 50th parkrun this week. Congratulations!

Photo Credit: Steve Money

Photo Credit: Steve Money

Collectively, we’ve all achieved great things, so before I mention the detail of
Event 81, join Mark with a pat on your back. You have helped us pass the 2000
runs around our course. That means between us, we have run/ jogged/ or
walked more than 10, 000km. That’s all the way to Comodoro in Argentina, over
the date line in the Pacific (admittedly more or a swim), and almost all the way to
Mecca, or Bejiing. At this rate, by March we will have run to Mt. Everest. I’ll leave
the challenge of climbing it to your imagination.

But back to terra firma after my flight of fancy or, the not so terra firma on the
bridges of Victoria Park this week. The very recent snowfall made our course
rather slippery on Saturday morning. Still, as our long time friend, Aidan KELLY
pointed out, at least we didn’t have to cancel out event as sadly Guelph had done.
Quick aside, I tested the Guelph course on New Year’s Day and heartily
recommend the experience. They’re a great crowd and it’s a picturesque trail by
the Eramosa River.

First home this week, was Finn GRAY, with a time of 17:23. Impressive given the
going was slick! Dana and Erin FOX finished together in second and third places.
Well done to Dana, this was his first parkrun and he set a new course record
(20:45) for his age group (VM60-64). Considering this rather swift, I checked the
Age gradings this week and noted that although 77.99% is an excellent effort for
Dana FOX, he was picked to the post for best effort! Joanne PORTLANCE returned
this week and picked up a new PB, our best performance tag (82.89%) and
course record for her age group (VW 60-64) with a time of 23:05. What super
stuff. I’m loving the “New Year, new records” story. Quite exhilarating guys, well

Although, I do enjoy the reflected glory of being the course with fast runners (I
am trying to keep out of the way, honest!), I love our parkrun community spirit
much more. I’d like to welcome all our newcomers. This week they included
Gerard CORKERON and Derek AITKEN who have notched up many parkruns
between them including events in Australia and Scotland respectively. I’m also
delighted to have had a brief chat with a couple of our parkrun Newbies. I hope
they (a) come again and (b) come to love parkrun too. This week our parkrun
first timers were Ian GARDINER, Jaynie WHITE, Nicole FRANCOEUR and Louie
RACCO: a warm welcome to you all.

Despite leaving my volunteer appreciation to the end of the News again, I think
you’d probably agree with me that the Victoria parkrun team have done us
proud again. Julia HEYENS, Jonathan GASCHO, Mark HARRISON, Cathy MONEY,
Steve MONEY and tail walked Kristin SNELL you’re brilliant. Thank you!

And so after a fabulous start to the New Year, I look forward to seeing you all
again soon. We only cancel if the weather situation looks extremely dire (check
Facebook page) so there’ll be plenty more winter running if you’re up for it.

Happy Plodding til we meet again then,

Best wishes,