Run Report for Event #78 December 14, 2019

Soggy or Snowy? That was the question as we made our “Good morning!”
greetings and caught up with friends, newcomers and volunteers at this week’s
Victoria parkrun, Kitchener. The forecast was for rain/sleet/snow and so no one was
surprised to hear that the going was slippery when we gathered for the pre-race
briefing. As we got underway, there was no doubt about it; definitely snowing
and definitely slippery too!

Victoria Park is always beautiful and fresh white snow certainly added to the
picture-postcard seasonal charm. “A week to enjoy the view!” I said to myself as I
watched fleet footed runners disappear ahead of me. That said, falling snow does
impair your vision a bit. Those wearing specs were perhaps at a disadvantage
this week both for seeing the scenery and navigating the paths.

Despite the slippery conditions, our participants put down some rather
respectable times. Chris MOORE was first finisher with a time of 17:28
and Finn GRAY was really hot on his heels, finishing 3 seconds behind. The next
four runners were fast too finishing in the 20 minutes and under zone. They
included three First Timers, Michael STEWART, Royce MADIGAN and Lisa
STEWART. A warm welcome to you. I should add that Lisa STEWART claimed the
FIRST FEMALE FINISHER position this week. Well done to all of you, that was
nice work in difficult conditions, plus you made it look easy!

Looking down our results list, I spy another STEWART (Elizabeth). Looks like a
family affair imported from our neighbouring parkrun event at Guelph - I have it on my list to try out the Guelph run and their hospitality in 2020!). Were you our friends from Minnesota too?

It was obviously a week for trying out Victoria parkrun, Kitchener despite the weather.
We had a total of six new faces, so I should extend the warm welcome a little
further to Christine ROBERTS and Josh HILMAN and also welcome back Lei
YANG who last ran with us in June. What a difference in weather for your
parkrun experience! We were glad to see so many happy faces before and after
the event. Glad you made it everyone!

So, after a long stretch of dry parkruns, we had a “wet” Saturday. Thankfully, it
did not deter our volunteers; big thanks to Julia HEYENS, Cathy MONEY, Steve
Thank you everyone for turning out and making our 78th event possible.

Hope to see you all next week. It feels like it could be a Holiday special, so dig out
your Christmas sweaters and Santa suits…

Til then keep plodding,