Run Report for Event #75 Saturday November 24, 2019

Happy 75th Anniversary Victoria parkrun, Kitchener! Congratulations on your diamond
milestone. After last week’s seriously cold, wintery run, I expect you joined me in
relief that it was a diamond anniversary rather than a diamond-hard frost. Warm
is a relative state of affairs in a Canadian Fall/Winter, I for one appreciated the
warm sunshine thawing the ice on the bridges, paths and puddles.

Photo Credit Steve Money.

As you look at your fellow runners at this time of year, you probably notice two
sorts. There are those who are clearly going to get this done quickly, maybe long
sleeves and pants, optional gloves and hats. Then there are those who are clearly
going to be as comfortable running as walking with their coats and toques, mitts
and thermals. I think we must be hard-core; plenty of the former out today and
some cracking times to shout about as a result.

Photo credit Steve Money.

Leading us home this week was Chris MOORE (16:31). Chris is so fast I rarely get
a chance to think more than “lapped already!” before he’s vanished into the
distance. Just for the record then, “Great run!”

Following Chris MOORE to his 7th first place at Victoria parkrun was fellow Tri-
city Track Club member Finn GRAY (17:51), then Emrys HALBERTSMA (19:23)
and Tom STORM (20:30). Quick note that Tom STORM finished first last week
(Good job! Sorry, I didn’t cover the news here, I was busy gadding about at the
Marlborough parkrun in the UK which was just like a school cross-country).
Anyway, back to Victoria parkrun: the first female finishers clearly enjoying the
run together and sharing a joint finish were Natalie DE FREITAS and Diane
RUSSELL (21:44). Nice one ladies!

Our crisp morning got a few other people moving briskly. There were four new
Personal Bests (PB times). First, we welcomed back Heidi MUSSELMAN for a
second parkrun complete with buggy and offspring. Heidi took more than a
minute off her previous time setting a new PB of 28:25, not bad when you’re
pushing someone else (their PB too?). Next up, Joanna ALBERS clipped a tidy
16s off her PB to make a new record of 26:03. Satisfyingly steady increments
from Joanna ALBERS. Then someone lit the coals under a couple of PERCIVAL
kids. Douglas PERCIVAL (of all weather shorts fame) roared in with a new PB of
28:18 and Edith PERCIVAL raced home to her best time 31:27 (bare arms rather
than bare knees). Well done, everyone. It’s always good to see records getting

When writing up the News, I like to welcome newbies and tourists to Victoria
parkrun, but this week there are no names to declare. We have Unknowns and I
think we welcomed a tourist from Australia at the start, so if you’re new or
travelling through, it was great to see you. Come again!

No parkrun News would be complete with a big thank you to our volunteers.
This week a vote of gratitude then for Julia HEYENS, Steve and Cathy MONEY, the
MABIFA family (Alesha, Ola, Adenike, Haliyah and Amira) and Daniel FOURNIER.

I hope everyone volunteering and/or participating enjoyed the 75th Victoria
parkrun, Kitchener event. Hope to see you back for more next week. ‘Til then, Happy Plodding one and all.