Strathcona Island parkrun is cancelled on 31 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event Report #13

9th November 2019

Total Runners: 24

New Personal Bests: 3

First Timers: 5

Event Distance Run: 120km

Total Distance Run: 2,910km

Our Fabulous, Amazing, Brilliant Volunteers: David Alexander * Peter Witts * Mitchell Orum * Annalise King


Event Report #12

2nd November 2019

Total Runners: 42

New Personal Bests: 15

First Timers: 5

Event Distance Run: 210km

Total Distance Run: 2,785km

Our Fabulous, Amazing, Brilliant Volunteers: David Alexander * Susan Spicer * Steve Spicer * Nicki Johnston * Bonnie Dirk * Mark White, Shawn Parsons


Event Report #11

Total Runners: 28

New Personal Bests: 9

First Timers: 2

Event Distance Run: 140km

Total Distance Run: 2,575km

Our Fabulous, Amazing, Brilliant Volunteers: David Alexander * Molly Alexander * Susan Spicer * Steve Spicer * Susan Johnson * Bonnie Dirk * Corry Leduc* Robin Innes * Emylee Jenson * Reagan Perkins * Alana Young



Dress up in costume for tomorrows run!


Event Report #10

19th October 2019


Well Done to everyone and congratulations to Heloise Shrives our new female record of 20mins 25sec!!
and to Troy Hale for coming 10th and winning our prize :)

Total Runners: 29

New Personal Bests: 8

First Timers: 5

Event Distance Run: 145km

Total Distance Run: 2,435km

Our Fabulous, Amazing, Brilliant Volunteers: David Alexander * Molly Alexander * Willam Percy * Farrah Shipley * Marc Trudeau * Paul (Billy) Smart

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