Revisiting parkrun – number #163

Yesterday Gordon Clarkson completed his second parkrun. He first came along in 2017, and kindly volunteered to write this week's run report on his experience of revisiting Richmond Olympic parkrun.

First, props to all the participants for coming out on a cloudy by dry morning. parkrun participants can range from different communities from within BC, to tourists from around the world. On December 14th, mostly local people came out - all united by an enthusiasm for outdoor running!


Around forty participants (a 66% increase from last event) joined Richmond Olympic parkrun#163 that took off on a chilly Saturday. It is incredible to have so many early birds come out and join the latest parkrun here in Richmond. Speaking of birds, we shared the trail with Canadian geese and there were a couple of times when the geese flew over the participants.

Special congrats to parkrun’s tail walker Ryan for participating in his 50th parkrun and achieving his 25th volunteer milestone too!


Also, way to go PB achievers for pushing themselves into unknown running territory: Damien, Leah, Joe, and Andrea, well done.

It was fun running a 5km event with other people. Tibor and fellows were great sports. One example was when Gary and other runners went back to join the Tail Walker and support other participants (Laurie was one of them).

For some, a running enthusiasm leads people to become first finisher, like Gary Nisbet. John Blok (a member of the Whistler tri running club) attained the highest age grade within today’s event. However, it was lovely to see most people coming out to run, alone or in groups, and talking about the latest news, a community of people who have got to know each other at previous parkruns.

Great job Fabiola for participating in your first parkrun event. Same to the other first-time parkrun participants: Daniel, Karen, and Derek, who all came from the North Burnaby Runners.

The Richmond Olympic parkrun can be a great way to start a Saturday morning: running along the dyke with a group of enthusiastic runners, hanging out afterwards in a Tim Horton’s, and for me, later grabbing chum salmon from the local Steveston fish market.
In case you missed them, here are a few updates that were announced during today’s event:

  • Christmas potluck for all Richmond Olympic parkrunners who can make it - Thursday December 19th at 7pm
  • Christmas parkrun - wear Christmas accessories if you’d like to! Saturday December 21st, 9am
  • On the New Year, people will have the chance in performing a double 5km parkrun: Central parkrun, Burnaby at 8:30am, and Richmond Olympic parkrun starts at 10:30am

Xmas parkru

Big shout out to all the volunteers whose contributions makes the parkrun events that oh, so much better.


  • Rhian Bek
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Mckenzie Rainey
  • Bob Clibbon
  • Lauren Achtem
  • Ryan C-W
  • Laurie THI

Until next time! Gordon Clarkson (A3810140)

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