Run Report #135 – Our “new route” week 2!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed this morning’s run as much as I did. I’ve nipped over from the UK and whilst here I thought I’d best do a parkrun here in Vancouver. Not very often you do a parkrun and get to see seaplanes taking off – very nice! A lovely 2.5km run along the water and then round Ryan C-W the marshal at the turnaround point and back to the finish line. This week we had RD Jenna BRADLEY ensure we had a smooth running parkrun, along with VC Becky MAYBURY to make sure we had all the needed volunteers. Thank you both for all your efforts.

Richmond Olympic parkrun

We had 4 people join us this week for their very first parkrun – your Saturday mornings are about to change! We had a further 25 tourists pop by who hadn’t done Richmond Olympic before, so welcome to them, hopefully you all had fun. Of the remaining parkrunners who had done this parkrun before, 13 managed to get a PB – what did you have to celebrate?!

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Brand new people to parkrun Brand new to Richmond Olympic parkrun (Tourists)
Katherine SIDDLE
Katie TAGGART (235)
Nicole NIELD
Graham NIELD
Steven ALDER
Hilary HINKS
Danielle SHAND
Lauren ELLIS
Brenda ELLIS (50)
Anthony ELLIS
Jasmin MA
Wojtek GLUCH
Dominique IMBER
Veronica LEE

Richmond Olympic parkrun

This week we had a couple of people who hit their 50 milestone – nice work!

Brenda ELLIS

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Our first male finisher was Ed GRAHAM in a time of 18:42. This is the 40th time he has run at Richmond Olympic, 6th time as the first finisher.
Our first female finisher, Alita DOMMANN, finished at 21:45. This is the first time she has been first finisher here and her 4th time overall with us. She also had the highest age grade today, with a score of 78.01%.

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Our random stars of the week

Adam ZELENKA Tourist coming in with a palindromic time of 20:02
Mckenzie RAINEY A PB for Mckenzie with her new shiny time of 23:57
Kam Fai Ken SO Another nice PB here, with the nice time of 25:45
Amy COLLINS Completing her 20th ever parkrun in 27:32
Neil THOMPSON Coming in 2 seconds under 30minutes and achieving a wonderful PB at his second time at Richmond Olympic parkrun
Maxine KRAUSS Her first ever parkrun in 31:17 – we look forward to seeing you again
Wojtek GLUCH Another tourist doing his 26th ever parkrun in 35:06
Rhian BEK Our tail walking superstar coming in at 48:12

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Did you know?

  • The combined distance of all the parkrunners today was 435km
  • The most popular age category was 30-34 year olds
  • The average age was approximately 43
  • The person with the most run credits was Katie TAGGART who has done 235 parkruns at 30 different events in 5 different countries
  • This was event number 135, and the 35th person to cross the line was Ken MIYAZAKI
  • We had two people called Kevin running with us today - Kevin MEAKINGS and Kevin WADDEN
  • There were 14 more males today than females (excluding the unknown)
  • Further photos can be found here

Richmond Olympic parkrun

This week 87 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 29 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 8 volunteers:

Jenna BRADLEY • Steven ALDER • Becky MAYBURY • Rhian BEK • Ryan C-W • Daniel LEWIS • Jasper RICKMERS • Andrew LU

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond Olympic parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jen MOROZ who recorded a time of 18:26 on 13th January 2018 (event number 62).
The male record is held by Zain Syed AHMED who recorded a time of 16:03 on 10th November 2018 (event number 105).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jim SWADLING who recorded 90.35% (19:31) on 11th March 2017 (event number 17).

Richmond Olympic parkrun started on 29th October 2016. Since then 2,049 participants have completed 6,538 parkruns covering a total distance of 32,690 km, including 931 new Personal Bests. A total of 209 individuals have volunteered 1,180 times.

Richmond Olympic parkrun

If you would like to offer to volunteer at a future event, please email anytime - Visit our Future Roster for available roles.

Steven ALDER
Tourist from Colchester, UK
Richmond Olympic parkrun