Run Report #116 – Well done JJ and Amanda!

Kudos to the 70 people who participated in the January 19, 2019 Richmond Olympic parkrun!

It is always wonderful to see new faces.Today we had 9 first timers and 13 personal bests!

Congratulations to JJ and Amanda Hill who ran their 50th parkrun today. All 50 of their parkruns have been at the Richmond Olympic event. This is an extra special accomplishment for JJ. Almost 4 years to the day, JJ underwent open heart surgery to receive a mechanical heart valve replacement in his aorta. Well done everyone!

JJ and Amanda

Thanks to our volunteers this week: Andrew SMITH  •  Becky MAYBURY  •  Helen LI  •  Jenna BRADLEY  •  Laurie THI  •  Leah STEWART  •  Paul RAINBOW  •  Richard LEE  •  Erin LEE  •  Seann SHERILAND  •