Run Report #92: It’s not all about the run

A group of parkrunners made it a multi-sport Saturday on August 11th!

Careening up the path reaching Broadway at 7:46am the fear was real that the group may have left without me, but I quickly reminded myself, last time I had this very thought, it turned out I was ahead of my comrades by about thirty blocks...screeching to a halt next to seven smiley faces I was delighted to learn I was just in time. 

We set off up the Arbutus Greenway which runs at a leisurely gradient almost from False Creek to the Fraser river. A glorious pathway running along next to the road with enough space for both pedestrians and cycles, meant that we rarely got into anyones way, and made our way to parkrun in a chatty and relaxed fashion making it the perfect warm up for our favourite weekly event!

All that was required to join our cheery bike gang was a set of wheels and a helmet because, safety first ;)  

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In just under an hour we made our joyful arrival near Aberdeen Skytrain Station in Richmond to find some wonderfully familiar faces setting up event number 92! A big shout out to the volunteers who made it all possible; Becky Maybury, Denise Thompson, Humphrey Chau, Ryusuke Kubo, Bruce Rose-Innes, Richard Lee and Laurie Thi, we appreciate you! 

If you'd like to be involved in helping to run an upcoming event, please contact the Richmond Olympic office! You can see an event's future volunteer roster via their specific future roster page. To get in touch with the event directly, just send an email to

Conditions on the dyke were superb with the first cool day in what seemed like eternity, thirteen new personal bests were set! 

Big shout to our very own Bike Gang member, Charlotte Pye who has just made her return from a month back in the UK to not only join the ride out, but smash her personal best, congrats and welcome back! 

Of the 76 runners, joggers and walkers who attended, we welcomed 32 first timers and can't wait to have you back to RO Parkrun in the very near future!


Catching up at Tim Hortons after our jaunt along the river, plans soon came to fruition for the return bike ride to town but also Bike to Parkrun 2.0 this weekend coming! We'd love you to join, and if you feel so inclined, we intend to be at the very same intersection, very same time, Saturday 18th of August. We meet at 7:45am at the point of the Arbutus Greenway where is crosses Broadway (9th Avenue). There is the option to put your bike on the train if you were just wanting a one way cycle. All you need is your bike, your helmet and of course, your barcode! 

Can't wait to see you Saturday for another sweaty stride!!!

Becca Thoms