Run Report #79 – Baby Abe is not a fan

“But how can I write a run report?” asked parkrun tourist Jody, “we didn’t finish the run, so we don’t know what happened!”. Well, she managed it - read Jody’s amusing account of her abandoned parkrun on Saturday, thanks to baby Abe:

Jody and Anna

So parkrun in Vancouver didn't turn out quite how I'd planned....


Backstory: I'm on holiday with my partner and our 6 month old son. I haven't done parkrun for exactly a year, since I was about 4 months pregnant. In fact, we both haven't felt like running for a while - having a non-sleeping baby is exhausting!


We optimistically (read foolishly) thought Vancouver parkrun would be a great way to get back into running...but baby Abe had other ideas!


The organisation began early Friday afternoon, and was carried out with military precision. Laying out 3 sets of clothes...packing the changing bag...planning the journey...checking for the barcodes 45782345 times...


After a pretty rough night we were up and ready to go within 50 mins (no mean feat with a little one) The journey went like clockwork, timings spot on for bus and Skytrain, even finding time for a quick breastfeed en route! We arrived just in time for Abe's nap...perfect! Or so we thought! As we started, with a gentle jog..Abe became unsettled. All the usual calming techniques didn't seem to work, and the further we got the louder he cried (even whilst being cuddled and carried) - so unlike our usually content and happy little boy. We managed about 1.5k before we admitted defeat. Apparently, Abe does not like running!


So we may not have had our barcode scanned (no Canadian tourism recorded for us). However all was not lost - we sampled a little part of a small friendly parkrun with spectacular views over the river of the mountains, met some lovely people (strangely only one Canadian!) and enjoyed a coffee afterwards.


It seems like there are still no Chorlton Runners to have completed this parkrun, but at least our vests came in handy cheering at the marathon last weekend!


Hope everyone else's parkrun was more successful than ours!


Written by Jody Lee, UK


Well done to the 62 runners, joggers and walkers who completed Saturday’s parkrun, and to Jody and Anna for a very determined effort in the face of adversity! Congratulations Ryusuke Kubo, Leo Lam, Kevin Wadden, Janet Rogers, Dennis Leung, Christina Matheson and Jose Kagaoan for posting new PBs. And we welcomed some new members to the parkrun community -  Suzanne Stewart, Nathan Antonio, Awin So, Kyle Matheson, Parmida Elahi and Maria I. Arenasramos all completed their first ever parkrun! Last but not least, an enormous thank you to all of our volunteers. Without you, parkrun would not happen!