Run Report #135 – Our “new route” week 2!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone enjoyed this morning’s run as much as I did. I’ve nipped over from the UK and whilst here I thought I’d best do a parkrun here in Vancouver. Not very often you do a parkrun and get to see seaplanes taking off – very nice! A lovely 2.5km run along the water and then round Ryan C-W the marshal at the turnaround point and back to the finish line. This week we had RD Jenna BRADLEY ensure we had a smooth running parkrun, along with VC Becky MAYBURY to make sure we had all the needed volunteers. Thank you both for all your efforts.

Richmond Olympic parkrun

We had 4 people join us this week for their very first parkrun – your Saturday mornings are about to change! We had a further 25 tourists pop by who hadn’t done Richmond Olympic before, so welcome to them, hopefully you all had fun. Of the remaining parkrunners who had done this parkrun before, 13 managed to get a PB – what did you have to celebrate?!

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Brand new people to parkrun Brand new to Richmond Olympic parkrun (Tourists)
Katherine SIDDLE
Katie TAGGART (235)
Nicole NIELD
Graham NIELD
Steven ALDER
Hilary HINKS
Danielle SHAND
Lauren ELLIS
Brenda ELLIS (50)
Anthony ELLIS
Jasmin MA
Wojtek GLUCH
Dominique IMBER
Veronica LEE

Richmond Olympic parkrun

This week we had a couple of people who hit their 50 milestone – nice work!

Brenda ELLIS

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Our first male finisher was Ed GRAHAM in a time of 18:42. This is the 40th time he has run at Richmond Olympic, 6th time as the first finisher.
Our first female finisher, Alita DOMMANN, finished at 21:45. This is the first time she has been first finisher here and her 4th time overall with us. She also had the highest age grade today, with a score of 78.01%.

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Our random stars of the week

Adam ZELENKA Tourist coming in with a palindromic time of 20:02
Mckenzie RAINEY A PB for Mckenzie with her new shiny time of 23:57
Kam Fai Ken SO Another nice PB here, with the nice time of 25:45
Amy COLLINS Completing her 20th ever parkrun in 27:32
Neil THOMPSON Coming in 2 seconds under 30minutes and achieving a wonderful PB at his second time at Richmond Olympic parkrun
Maxine KRAUSS Her first ever parkrun in 31:17 – we look forward to seeing you again
Wojtek GLUCH Another tourist doing his 26th ever parkrun in 35:06
Rhian BEK Our tail walking superstar coming in at 48:12

Richmond Olympic parkrun

Did you know?

  • The combined distance of all the parkrunners today was 435km
  • The most popular age category was 30-34 year olds
  • The average age was approximately 43
  • The person with the most run credits was Katie TAGGART who has done 235 parkruns at 30 different events in 5 different countries
  • This was event number 135, and the 35th person to cross the line was Ken MIYAZAKI
  • We had two people called Kevin running with us today - Kevin MEAKINGS and Kevin WADDEN
  • There were 14 more males today than females (excluding the unknown)
  • Further photos can be found here

Richmond Olympic parkrun

This week 87 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 29 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 8 volunteers:

Jenna BRADLEY • Steven ALDER • Becky MAYBURY • Rhian BEK • Ryan C-W • Daniel LEWIS • Jasper RICKMERS • Andrew LU

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Richmond Olympic parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Jen MOROZ who recorded a time of 18:26 on 13th January 2018 (event number 62).
The male record is held by Zain Syed AHMED who recorded a time of 16:03 on 10th November 2018 (event number 105).
The Age Grade course record is held by Jim SWADLING who recorded 90.35% (19:31) on 11th March 2017 (event number 17).

Richmond Olympic parkrun started on 29th October 2016. Since then 2,049 participants have completed 6,538 parkruns covering a total distance of 32,690 km, including 931 new Personal Bests. A total of 209 individuals have volunteered 1,180 times.

Richmond Olympic parkrun

If you would like to offer to volunteer at a future event, please email anytime - Visit our Future Roster for available roles.

Steven ALDER
Tourist from Colchester, UK
Richmond Olympic parkrun


Run Report #134 – June 1

This week's run report comes to you from two UK tourists at the end of their 10 day adventure across Canada. Only fitting that we should start and finish our travels with a parkrun - last week it was Nose Hill (Calgary) and this week we had the pleasure of joining you at Richmond Olympic.

Well, you sure give Nose Hill a run for their money! You guys win hands down on elevation (a lovely flat course), altitude (so much easier to run in Richmond than at 1,500m above sea level!) and sunshine (although it was almost too warm this morning).

We weren't the only tourists this morning though - the UK seemed to have the biggest tourist representation but there were also hands up at the run briefing from other visitors from Denmark, South Africa and Australia. And it was worth the visit, I'm sure they would agree. However even the locals were in for a treat today, as we all got to experience the 'true' out and back course for the very first time.

Special shout out to your local runner, Dennis, who I spoke to on the course and who has promised me that he won't go off too fast next week so that he doesn't need to stop for a cheeky walk in the middle of the run! Sorry Dennis, but I won't be there to spur you on next week, so I thought I would put it in the run report instead!

This was my 90th different parkrun event which has taken me to some amazing places across the UK and further afield - however there aren't many events where you get to see a view of the snow capped mountains whilst you run - you really do have a stunning location for your event.

If anyone is visiting the UK and fancies trying a completely different parkrun then I would thoroughly recommend our local run (Shrewsbury) where you can run along the River Severn in our beautiful town park, but with a couple of 'gentle inclines' thrown in for good measure!

Thank you Richmond Olympic for your hospitality this morning and I hope your parkrun continues to go from strength to strength.

Francesca & Daisy (Shrewsbury parkrun)
Roving Run Reporters

Daisy and Francesca


This week 80 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 11 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:

Francesca HUTCHESON • Malcolm MCKINLAY • Daisy Kay HUTCHESON • Becky MAYBURY • Ryan C-W • Ryusuke KUBO • Mami KUBO • Kevin WADDEN • Kirk MUNAWEERA • Andrew LU • Liana SHALA


Richmond Olympic parkrun #125 – Spring has sprung

I think it’s safe to say that Spring has sprung!

Ren Jun’s silver, fluid, sculpture gleamed in a cloudless blue sky, the Fraser River sparkled in the sun, birds soared effortlessly overhead (or perhaps that was a Lear Jet) and a brightly coloured trail of smiling parkrunners all looked absolutely fantastic by the waterside.

My weekly parkrun feel good factor was already topped up, and we hadn't even started yet

It wasn’t just the weather that boded well. This was the 125th Richmond Olympic parkrun - a number that has all sorts of symbolic significance. For mathematicians it’s a composition of “a single prime number multiplied by itself two times”, which is very cool! For the more touchy-feely numerologists it “signifies new beginnings” apparently. And not only that, but we were visited by an actual Beaver cruising past us in the river, a sign loaded with of all sorts of auspicious goodness in traditional folklore.



And so it was that 97 parkrunners, the second highest turnout ever, were marshalled to the start line by this week’s excellent RD Julia HILL. At the appointed hour timekeeper Bianca BAKER clicked the virtual stopwatch button, shouted “go” and we were off. 97 pairs of legs (many exposed to the sun for the first time this year!), quite a few buggy wheels and even some nordic pole tips were in beautiful motion.






Of that 97 we had a fair few first-time-ever parkrunners. It was great to welcome junior runners Selin TASDEMIR, Claire BOSMA, Charlotte BOSMA, Sophie JAMES, Hannah RASHID and Rowan HINDSON and also Laine BOSMA, Mark CORSON, Emily SEO, Wendy VAN DER KUUR, Cherie PHAM, David MA and Catherine TSANG to the parkrun family and hope to see all of them again soon.


As usual Richmond Olympic attracted many visitors from other park runs around Canada and elsewhere in the world (especially the UK and South Africa). It was great to welcome and meet the hugely experienced THOMAS family from South Africa; Kathryn, John and James EBREY, Leia MILLS, Liz and Mick HAREN, Hayley-Dwan HO, Robert BROW, and then there was me and my wife Moira visiting from the UK too.


Eva and Ian TAYLOR were among a few returning visitors, last running here two years ago. They were also the week’s most experienced parkrunners with 287 and 291 runs respectively, and if that wasn’t enough Ian ran a PB time too!


On a personal note it was great to see Len HOLLAND setting a PB here on his fourth run at Richmond Olympic. His “home” run is Rushmere just a few miles away from where we live in the UK. I’ve ran and volunteered there are know many of the great core volunteer team. Small world!! The international parkrun family in action.


First Timers


The fair weather also encouraged a rash of PBs (maybe that’s not the right word). 21 in total - great work by everyone. I’ve mentioned two of them already and a special shout out should go to Stelios STYLIANOU for his fourth PB in four appearances. On a similar note it was 3 PBs in 3 appearances for Rob REID, May WANG and Rita NGAN. Great stuff.

At the start we all acknowledged Mami KUBO’s 50th parkrun - she went on to emphatically mark that milestone with a PB too!


As we always say, parkrun is “not a race”, but it’s always interesting to see who has managed to move their legs at an impressive pace. This week our first female finishers were Selin TASDEMIR, Lisa ROSSETTO, and Claire BOSMA. Selin and Claire were both (as noted above) first timers and so a special “well done” to them.

The male first finishers were all in the same 25-29 age group: Daniel LEWIS (first finisher for the third time and who also set a PB by a canny 2 seconds), Ed GRAHAM (who has previously finished first on 5 occasions) and Nick DUNN (who also set a PB).
Since I am most certainly not in the 25-29 age category I always like to look at the age-adjusted finishing times. Here we see three completely different names. First was Judy WESTACOTT. (75.3% - and the 7th fastest age graded result in Canada this week); Malcolm SMILLIE (72.6%) and Ryusuke KUBO (71.75%). Anything in the 70%+ range is quite an achievement of fitness and dedication.

There were many other notable results too. First of all congratulations to Emma VINNIE who managed to run her own 125th parkrun at Richmond’s own 125th! It was her 40th at Richmond, most of her others being done in another glorious city: Edinburgh.
As an aside Moira and myself are from Aberdeen in Scotland and so arriving at Aberdeen station in Richmond made us smile.

Back home I’m an RD at Tring parkrun (come and say hello if you are ever in the area!) and have a weekly “most aesthetically pleasing time” prize. That award stayed in the drawer this week sadly. If Merina LAU had crossed the line 2 seconds earlier she would have had an impressive, ascending time of 23:45. Or if Daniel LUK had speeded up by four second he’d have finished with an equally impressive, descending 32:10. Close but no cigar!!

I’d love to give a special mention to the 3 stroller pushers, but I missed their names. You know who they are. Respect.


And a final mention to Jaroslava DVORAK and Jana VASICEK - who earn this week’s wildlife spotting badge, having pointed out the Beaver in the river.


J and J
Of course all of this was made possible by those helping out and volunteering. In addition to Julia and Bianca, mentioned above, I’d like to thank Riccoh TALENTO for marshalling; Damon NEWMAN for handling the finish tokens; Nick DUNN for barcode scanning; Lien TRAN for tail waling (loved the actual tail!); and Laure THI and Becky MAYBURY too for looking after kit and volunteer rosters respectively.


We encourage everyone to volunteer now and again (even as a report writer!), it’s great fun and really rounds out the whole parkrun experience. Drop us a quick email at to let us know when you can help or if you’d like to find out more.
In fact I’d like to thank EVERYONE involved, we really enjoyed Richmond Olympic parkrun and our chats in Timmies afterwards.


Happy running
Ken Douglas

P.S. A special thanks to Jonathan and Bianca BAKER for all the top tips about Vancouver, all the other conversations and for generally just being great!


Run Report #120 – a tourist from the South

On the eve of the 120th running of Richmond Olympic parkrun, Run Director Jenna Bradley was holding her nerve, keeping to herself that the odds of having to cancel for a second straight week were approaching 50%. That dangerous “wintry mix” of snow, rain, and overnight freeze seemed inevitable. Too bad for me, as my ticket from Washington, DC had been purchased weeks in advance, betting that the likelihood of a weather-related cancellation would be much lower in the West Coast than elsewhere in Canada. But the Weather Fairy was kind to Richmond and blew the worst across the border to Seattle (where Renton parkrun sadly had to cancel). Richmond Olympic was on!

Sixty-nine parkrunners walked and ran on February 23rd, including nine first-timers, members of six different running clubs and 11 forgetful or still-unregistered parkrunners without barcodes (don’t forget your barcode – #DFYB!). If running is your thing, that coldish, drizzly, grey weather was close to as good as it gets: 13 parkrunners reached new personal bests, including Mami Kubo on her 47th run at Richmond – those PBs get harder and harder, and must be savoured when achieved! Among the overseas and cross-boarder visitors, a few had attended Richmond Olympic previously. Two of us, Darren Kikuta and myself, were true first-time tourists.

The speedy ones: Daniel Lewis was the first male finisher, completing the course in 19:09. First-timer Shauna Biddulph finished in 20:42. Plenty of walkers, too:  Denise Thompson, Tail Walker (complete with actual tail!) wrapped up the scenic out-and-back-and-extra-bits course in 1:02:07.

Sarah Arnold, Kathleen Biberdorf, Jenna Bradley, Ed Graham, Tahlisa Hollier, Richard Lee, Daniel Lewis, Becky Maybury, Denise Thompson and yours truly volunteered on this occasion. Do consider joining the fun in the following weeks. Volunteering takes your parkrun experience to another level!


Post-run breakfast at “Timmies” proved popular: it seemed like parkrun took half the place! As a foreigner expecting little more than doughnuts, the chilli bowl did not disappoint!

Over coffee, in my chat with Euan Bowman, aka parkrun Canada manager, we pondered whether there could be a silver bullet to making an individual parkrun a success. A fast, flat, accessible and pretty course? Tick. A world-class city with a vibrant running community? Tick. A healthy mix of fast athletic types, joggers and walkers? Expats and international visitors in the right numbers to create a buzz, without drowning out the local feel? A diverse and engaged parkrun community? Tick. Tick. Tick! A great team running the show? You bet! In truth, there may not be a single silver bullet for a successful parkrun but, just in case, Richmond Olympic has them all!

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to visit, run, meet the team, and help Richmond Olympic parkrun in a small way. With the submission of this run report, I complete my 100th volunteer occasion at parkruns, mostly carried out at Fletcher’s Cove, in Washington, DC, where I am an Event Director. DC is a thriving parkrun hub in the US, currently hosting five parkruns in our metropolitan area. While the main focus of parkrun will always be the local communities each event supports, there is something unique to experiencing the global parkrun village we’ve become part of. I look forward to hosting you at my home event, just as you will be welcome anywhere, any Saturday, barcode in hand! #DFYB!

Andres Falconer, A110656


Run Report #116 – Well done JJ and Amanda!

Kudos to the 70 people who participated in the January 19, 2019 Richmond Olympic parkrun!

It is always wonderful to see new faces.Today we had 9 first timers and 13 personal bests!

Congratulations to JJ and Amanda Hill who ran their 50th parkrun today. All 50 of their parkruns have been at the Richmond Olympic event. This is an extra special accomplishment for JJ. Almost 4 years to the day, JJ underwent open heart surgery to receive a mechanical heart valve replacement in his aorta. Well done everyone!

JJ and Amanda

Thanks to our volunteers this week: Andrew SMITH  •  Becky MAYBURY  •  Helen LI  •  Jenna BRADLEY  •  Laurie THI  •  Leah STEWART  •  Paul RAINBOW  •  Richard LEE  •  Erin LEE  •  Seann SHERILAND  • 



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