Run Report #1 Okanagan Canada

make each day a work of art that can not be measured by the human eye, but by the human heart.

Yesterday was to say the least fun, to say the most amazing! Canada hosted its very first parkrun, right here in the Okanagan. We had 96 first time runners and 96 first time pioneers. You all should be proud of what you accomplished yesterday. What a great time for Canada and Kelowna. we had stellar weather, approx 22 at the start and by the time we were all sitting having a bevy or breakfast it was 29C. the trail was in great shape and the course was well received.

I must take some time to thank all that made this happen.
Tom- for the licence to run parkrun in Canada
Euan- for his hard work in Vnacouver dealing with the paper shuffle
Christy- for her never ending energy on bylaws for canada legally
Therese - for planting the seed in me to get this in Canada
Jen - my amazing friend that helps with anything i ask
D-no, Lindsey, Liz, Syliva, Davis, Allison all part of the core team.
My family for all your support especially Carmen, for putting up with this passion of mine running.

I met so many wonderful people yesterday, from everywhere I'm still a bit blown away. We had an amazing turn out and I can't wait to see you all next week, same time same place.

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