What ever your reason, whether its to stay fit, to get fit, to see old friends, to meet new ones, parkrun will motivate you. parkrun rewards you much like life, if you work hard or go to school and study hard you get a good paycheck and great grades. If you parkrun every week you earn points and not necessarily for being the fastest or having the best attire, but for being motivated to be out and be included. So the more you come out the harder you work the faster you'll get the better you'll sleep and you will change, just like life the better you preform in school or at the job the better you will do in other aspects of life. Pic above Kris Edwards 1st in mens standings in Burgundy top Chuck Abney 3rd Mens standings Yellow Top I see everyone each week, and I cheer you into the finish line I try to be as excited for the first to the final runner. I hope that you here that in my voice as you hear me try to pump you up in the final 300 meters. I attempt to make sure that you feel like you are the best of the best. In fact you are! Here is some food for thought your one of approximately 140,000 parkrun finishers each week that puts you in a really elite crowd. There are 7,125,000,000 people on the globe, and that puts you in .0001% of the world population out and doing something active. Think about it parkrun that you participate in is bigger every Saturday then: Philippines - A Run for the Pasig River 116,000 USA- Bay to Breakers 110,000 Austrailas - City2Surf - 87,000 Hong Kong - Hong Kng marathon 73,000 Canadas - Sun Run 45,000 Chicago, London, Boston, Berlin Marathons Combined That's pretty big company that your in! Current standing in the Men's annual points competition: Kris EDWARDS (Unattached) 489 pts. Carsten REINSCH (Unattached) 481 pts. Chuck ABNEY (Unattached) 471 pts. Current standing in the Women's annual points competition: Violet FROST (Unattached) 576 pts. Melissa BISHOP (Unattached) 557 pts. Charmaine MANLOVE (Unattached) 525 pts. Okanagan parkrun started on 20th August 2016, and since then 183 different runners, including participants from 4 athletics clubs, covering a total distance of 1,920 km, and there have been 108 new Personal Bests. Make each day a work of art only to be seen the heart! Bill J ED parkrun Okanagan