Number #3 In the Books

Well, I can't express how much I enjoy everyone coming out and running, we all ready have 12 people, that have done all 3 runs and are moving towards coveted t-shirt we continue to have 20 first timers every week and that too is awesome. keep spreading the word.

I see more little groups with in the big group forming and conversations about life and fitness seem to be taking place. I would like to remind everyone that Creekside is OPEN for coffees, and breakfast after the event, they have welcomed us using there parking lot and a bit of there green space, please be kind enough to thank them even if you don't stay post run.


On a personal note it is very nice to see so many step up and take on the volunteer roll as I am laid up from a knee injury.

Volunteers are the backbone of parkrun, from the person or persons (Jennifer (mom) & Davis (8) who arrived early to set up the course, to the marshal in the high vis vest giving high 5’s and guiding you in the right direction, to the timekeeper that concentrates on which button to press as runners cross the line.

Then we have the photographer that takes your happy snaps that we all know you love to tag as soon as they hit Facebook, to the volunteer, Run Director, volunteers really are what makes parkrun happen.
Many will know that volunteering is actually fun and very rewarding, it also contributes to the development of community spirit, social cohesion and friendship. If you’ve ever volunteered, I salute you. Thank you to each of you for helping to make the magic happen.

If you wish to volunteer for this week or weeks coming email me at

Looking forward to seeing more of you next week ...Long Term forecast is 21 degrees and SUNNY... lets break the record of 96 and get 100 plus runners out.