What ever your reason, whether its to stay fit, to get fit, to see old friends, to meet new ones, parkrun will motivate you. parkrun rewards you much like life, if you work hard or go to school and study hard you get a good paycheck and great grades. If you parkrun every week you earn points and not necessarily for being the fastest or having the best attire, but for being motivated to be out and be included. So the more you come out the harder you work the faster you'll get the better you'll sleep and you will change, just like life the better you preform in school or at the job the better you will do in other aspects of life. Pic above Kris Edwards 1st in mens standings in Burgundy top Chuck Abney 3rd Mens standings Yellow Top I see everyone each week, and I cheer you into the finish line I try to be as excited for the first to the final runner. I hope that you here that in my voice as you hear me try to pump you up in the final 300 meters. I attempt to make sure that you feel like you are the best of the best. In fact you are! Here is some food for thought your one of approximately 140,000 parkrun finishers each week that puts you in a really elite crowd. There are 7,125,000,000 people on the globe, and that puts you in .0001% of the world population out and doing something active. Think about it parkrun that you participate in is bigger every Saturday then: Philippines - A Run for the Pasig River 116,000 USA- Bay to Breakers 110,000 Austrailas - City2Surf - 87,000 Hong Kong - Hong Kng marathon 73,000 Canadas - Sun Run 45,000 Chicago, London, Boston, Berlin Marathons Combined That's pretty big company that your in! Current standing in the Men's annual points competition: Kris EDWARDS (Unattached) 489 pts. Carsten REINSCH (Unattached) 481 pts. Chuck ABNEY (Unattached) 471 pts. Current standing in the Women's annual points competition: Violet FROST (Unattached) 576 pts. Melissa BISHOP (Unattached) 557 pts. Charmaine MANLOVE (Unattached) 525 pts. Okanagan parkrun started on 20th August 2016, and since then 183 different runners, including participants from 4 athletics clubs, covering a total distance of 1,920 km, and there have been 108 new Personal Bests. Make each day a work of art only to be seen the heart! Bill J ED parkrun Okanagan


It Rains here too.. but smiles don’t get wet!

Well week 5 is in the books! Weirdest day ever, we saw a new record our first Sub 19 runner! Bombed by a fish!, and raining for the first time ever at parkrun, and that did not dampen anyone's spirits.

We have had an amazing group of familiar faces every week and I as get to know you all, and the goals you have all set for yourselves, it keeps me looking forward to helping with those goals in any way I can. Seeing the new parkrunners grow into runners or athletes makes me glad I do this ever week. The seasoned runners setting new goals or training for other season goals also adds to my excitment.  parkrun takes me from my business and family and allows me to meet a group of people that truly are excited to be out and running/walking/crawling to the finish line. I said being bombed by a fish, while at the start waiting for all of you I saw some birds swooping and playing in the air and water of the creek. Thought nothing of it, then while looking over at where to place the parkrun teardrop flag i was missed by 2" when they let go of their "Catch of the DAY"

I have already seen major changes in people confidence as they are no longer first timers and their bodies are adapting to the run. I see more people hanging around at the end, today in the rain talking about the run or the workouts this week and the motivation to come back next week. I see Mom/Dads with kids out and being active as a family. It makes my day to see people smile at the start as they arrive knowing that they will test there own limits and make this day a picture in their minds that will last until the next week.

Now on a personal note!
Today was my grandmas 99th birthday and she has walked most of her life, my guess 2-3 miles a day or a parkrun distance. Now i'm not saying that she made it to 99 because she walked but who knows!, The sun and the movement sure didn't hurt. She is well and still takes care of herself in her own home in a little town in southern Saskatchewan. So if you get this fall/winter feeling like its to cold or to wet to go to parkrun, stop yourself and think of Grace Justus 99 if she can get out and go get mail or groceries then you can get up and out to parkrun, you'll be happy you did!

See you all next week!


WE are a MONTH OLD!!


parkrun Okanagan #4 is in the bag which signifies one month of parkrun in Canada. With Bill still recovering from his knee injury, Davis (my 8 year old son) and I took over the RD role to help get things going. Thank you to all our week #4 volunteers and congratulations to all our runners!

We had an amazing group of volunteers helping make this whole thing run smoothly. We have Amie Olar who comes to us from our local running store Fresh Air Concepts who heard about parkrun and decided that even though she doesn't really run, she wanted to be a part of the run. Heather Edwards and Kris Edwards who are married and were finish line volunteers this week but have been running each other week since parkrun Okanagan stated. Zach Jackman, who is the parkrun Okanagan record holder and the only male first finisher we've had so far decided to take the week off from running and volunteer instead. Our stalwart volunteers Garrison Frost and Sylvia Thompson were out once again to cheer our runners on their journeys. I was very grateful for Chuck Abney who I assigned to one spot on the course as a marshall but at the last minute was able to change it up and be the sweep... which I realized I failed to assign until after the runners had left.

Saturday was a great day to be a parkrun Okanagan runner! We saw our oldest finisher, at the age of 88 years old Ted Swart, came running across the finish line in impressive fashion. Nick McGowan Latimer and his mom Catherine as well as Cody McGill were all first timers last week and came out this week to see if they could improve on their times and awesomely, all three did accomplish their goals! With parkrun Okanagan's only first time finisher volunteering this week, we saw a new name at the top. Loren Nelson ran a very quick time of 19;16 to take the top spot, 10 seconds off the parkrun Okanagan fastest time. The Female first finisher was also a first timer, Dominique Frost, who is also the sister of our finish line volunteer Garrision Frost!

parkrun Okanagan had 61 finishers this week including 22 first timers and 26 PBs! After one month of parkrun we are seeing so many incredible stories with each and every runner and volunteer. I look forward to seeing what month two brings to parkrun Okanagan and watching parkrun Canada as it continues to grow.

parkrun Okanagan is always looking for volunteers! I will be off next week which means our injured RD Bill will be back in action but he will need some extra help. Please email if you are able to volunteer.



Number #3 In the Books

Well, I can't express how much I enjoy everyone coming out and running, we all ready have 12 people, that have done all 3 runs and are moving towards coveted t-shirt we continue to have 20 first timers every week and that too is awesome. keep spreading the word.

I see more little groups with in the big group forming and conversations about life and fitness seem to be taking place. I would like to remind everyone that Creekside is OPEN for coffees, and breakfast after the event, they have welcomed us using there parking lot and a bit of there green space, please be kind enough to thank them even if you don't stay post run.


On a personal note it is very nice to see so many step up and take on the volunteer roll as I am laid up from a knee injury.

Volunteers are the backbone of parkrun, from the person or persons (Jennifer (mom) & Davis (8) who arrived early to set up the course, to the marshal in the high vis vest giving high 5’s and guiding you in the right direction, to the timekeeper that concentrates on which button to press as runners cross the line.

Then we have the photographer that takes your happy snaps that we all know you love to tag as soon as they hit Facebook, to the volunteer, Run Director, volunteers really are what makes parkrun happen.
Many will know that volunteering is actually fun and very rewarding, it also contributes to the development of community spirit, social cohesion and friendship. If you’ve ever volunteered, I salute you. Thank you to each of you for helping to make the magic happen.

If you wish to volunteer for this week or weeks coming email me at

Looking forward to seeing more of you next week ...Long Term forecast is 21 degrees and SUNNY... lets break the record of 96 and get 100 plus runners out.

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