Nose Hill parkrun is cancelled on 2021-08-07 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Cancelled parkrun March 14th 2020

Unfortunately, parkrun has been cancelled this Saturday. There is a snowfall warning in place and temperatures are going to drop to around -20C. Factoring in the windchill, it will be very cold! The safety of the volunteers and participants is our priority.
Friends coffee shop will be open for anybody who wants to meet for coffee and a slice of pie to celebrate Pi Day!
Hopefully, the event will go ahead as planned on March 21st.
Check the Nose Hill parkrun Facebook page for the latest updates.


Two special events coming up!

Saturday 29th February.

This is the first time in history that parkrun has been held on a LEAP DAY!


Your NEXT chance of taking part in a parkrun on a leap day is in 2048!

Let’s do this and don’t forget your barcode....Traditionally this is also the day when women can propose....go girls!

If anyone wants to dress up as a frog...feel free! Your Event Director will not however be painting her face green stained her face all weekend last time!


Saturday 7th March - International Womens Day parkrun

This is a global campaign to inspire women and girls to participate - run, walk, volunteer, bring a female friend and WEAR PURPLE!
Some CAKE/Chocolate/Treats to share might also help!

Post your stories to #IWDparkrun



Xmas 2019 into New year 2020!

We celebrated the Xmas 2019 parkrun at Nose Hill in great style with lost of bright colours and smiles on the 21st Dec 2019. The temperature was a mild -2 and foggy, which makes the photographs look more spectacular!





The week before we also celebrated our first home grown participant to get to 100 runs - well done to Angela MACDONALD. She is also one of our regular awesome volunteers! We hope to see you wearing your 100 black shirt soon!


The after Xmas run on the 28th Dec 2019 was a rather colder -12 (before windchill) but we managed a good turnout and of course more amazing pictures!


Then today being 1st January 2020, we held event #170 at Nose Hill. There are only 2 other days apart from Saturdays when we hold extra events (New Years Day and Canada Day) again all brought to you by our amazing volunteers.


The -2 temperature enabled 105 finishers and 13 volunteers to get together and start the new year in style. We were called to action by parkrunner Marion OWEN on the bagpipes!


We live in a beautiful part of the world! The new route is going down well and we have now renamed "bench corner" a more appropriate "Rocky View corner" for obvious reasons! On a clear day we can see right across the Rocky Mountains and in some pictures it looks like we are running above the clouds.



It has been great to see parkrun growing around the world and across Canada in 2019. parkrun will no doubt continue to grow and develop further in 2020, with the help of our volunteers who make this all possible.

Wishing you all health and happiness for 2020!

Suzanne BROOKS
Event Director



New winter course B starts!

After 165 events at Nose Hill parkrun we have changed the course to enable participants to start and finish in the same place and get a little bit of protection from the elements (rather than being at the top of the windy hill with no shelter). The heated washrooms are close by and volunteers can sit in a car more easily at the finish line. Well done to everyone who made it out to yesterdays inaugural for the new route!


Here is a picture of the old course compared to the new one.


The obvious other difference is that we won't have "hellish hill" at the end but more of a gradual incline to the finish line. Overall the elevation is less so there may be some faster times when the ice melts. Talking of ice - wearing spikes is recommended. Winter running also requires gloves/hats/layers!


There are still some spectacular views of the park, skyline and rocky mountains.




Event 166 saw 51 participants and 12 volunteers test out the new route and give it the thumbs up! More pictures can be found on the Nose Hill facebook site and we would love to hear your views of the change!

If you would like to volunteer please email and check the future roster to see what's available.

We usually have a festive spirit to the pre xmas run (on 21st December this year), so dig out your warm xmas clothes.

There will also be an extra parkrun at 10am on NEW YEARS DAY.

See you soon.
Suzanne Brooks
Event Director


New year!

Your wonderful volunteers have decided to stage a special extra parkrun on New Years Day starting at! Start the new year with a healthy resolution and don't forget your barcode!!

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