a parkrun day is longer than you think


parkruns start anytime from 7am to 9:30am local time. With over 950 locations in 14 different countries, the wave of parkrun events across the globe makes for a fun story. From our perspective in Canada, let’s see how the day pans out.. 

Friday 1pm Pacific, 2pm Mountain Time parkrun day starts! We are over in New Zealand where it is 8am Saturday local time. These 15 events are among the first to start and get the ball rolling. Most NZ events start at 8am, but not all follow suit and some start an hour later, like our current Canadian events at 9am local time.

Friday 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mountain Time We see the first of the Australian events start, including many on the Gold Coast, the site of the first Australian parkruns. Many of these runs start at 7am, and while individual parkruns have their own reasons for differing start times, the earlier start time is largely to avoid the heat.

Friday 4:30pm Pacific, 5:30pm Mountain Time Our parkrun in Singapore is off! A real parkrun tourist’s treat if you are in town.

Friday 6pm Pacific, 7pm Mountain Time Australia’s 185 have all but started, and the last ones on the West coast get going. 

Friday 9pm -11pm Pacific, 10pm - 12am Mountain Time It’s time for Russia! The most easterly Russian parkrun is Chelyabinsk parkrun, followed by the country’s 22 other events. 

Saturday 12am – 1:30am Pacific, 1am – 2:30am Mountain Time
It’s parkrun prime time! All 400+ UK events are off, France begins, Poland’s 39 start, Sweden join in, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, and we haven’t even talked about parkrun powerhouse South Africa! It’s truly a busy time for parkrun, who see tens of thousands of results being processed through a results system that has taken almost 12 years to refine.

Saturday 4:30am – 6am Pacific, 5:30am – 7am Mountain Time There is a time for rest as parkrun crosses the Atlantic. In the early hours of the morning for some of us, those in Florida are treated to North America’s first parkrun of the day, followed by the remainder in the USA (except Crissy Fields), at 6am.

Saturday 8am Pacific, 9am Mountain Time We got there! Canada joins in the fun on parkrun day with Nose Hill.

Saturday 9am Pacific, 10am Mountain Time Okanagan parkrun and Crissy Field round off parkrun day. These two parkrun’s get to battle who is gets the last parkrunner in the World for that week. What an honour that is!! 

What a long day it has been, with parkruns starting 20 hours apart. To think well over 140,000 runs are delivered for free like this every week is incredible. When I went to Okanagan and Nose Hill for their launches, it reminded me how simple and transportable the concept is. All that is needed is a 5k course and a great team. There are plenty of different languages but the language of parkrun of being fun, friendly, and free is consistent throughout.

Happy parkrunning,

Euan Bowman
parkrun Canada Country Manager


other park users

We are privileged to be allowed to stage parkruns on public land and we grateful for the permission to let us do that. We do share use of the land with other park users and 99% of events go without any problem. Occasionally though, conflicts do happen, but we try to minimise these as much as possible so that we are welcome to use the park again next week.

Remember to be polite and courteous to fellow park users and to give way. parkrun is a run and not a race, so there is always next week if you are looking to push yourself for that PB.

Some of our runs go through areas that are popular for dog walkers, or off-leash areas. Runners and dogs will always come into contact, parkrun or no parkrun, but if you come across an aggressive dog on your run remember to stand your ground and stay calm. An aggressive dog wants you to react and stress but if you remain calm and in control, they lose interest and wander off.

We love that parkruns can co-exist with other park users, be it walkers, dogs, and cyclists. New parkruns can take time to ‘settle in’ to their surroundings, but they soon do with all park users being respectful and aware of each other.

If you are interested in setting up your own event, or to find out more, get in touch with us here!