Getting me out of my comfort zone

20190921_095533by Brennan Conquer-van Heumen (above left)

I’ve been doing parkrun since the second week it came to Guelph. My aunt Suzanne Conquer started doing parkrun on the very first week and mentioned I should join. I'm hooked now!

I moved to Guelph for work from London just over three years ago and didn’t know anyone except my aunt, uncle and cousins. I really wanted to join something in the community in order to meet people but didn’t know where to start.

20190921_090415After about nine months of living in Guelph I joined Up and Running. It’s an amazing group of ladies! I loved doing it!!

Unfortunately, about a month in, I ended up badly breaking my ankle (dogs with big sticks on narrow trails make serious tripping hazards!) That really took me out of the game. I wasn’t able to get back into exercising until a year after I broke it. From that point, I started to slowly get back. I started fitness classes at the gym, swimming and walking.

So, when my aunt (below, left) mentioned parkrun with the option to run or walk, I was all for it. After the first week, I was hooked. I walk because I’m not able to run anymore. I’m the slowest one at parkrun but I honestly don’t care, because I’m just so happy to be out meeting people and enjoying what Guelph has to offer.

20190921_095807Since I started parkrun it has given me the confidence to start branching out more and trying new things. I have joined the Rainbow Chorus, a choir for LGBTQ+ community members and allies, as well as a walking group for LGBTQ+ community members and allies.

parkrun has really helped remind me that my goal, when I came to Guelph, was to join things and to meet people. It really got me out of my comfort zone.

I haven’t met many of you at the parkrun. If you ever see me, feel free to come up and say hi! :-)

— Photos by Laurie Macintosh


Run Summary, Event #14

  • 64 participants from 10 different running clubs
  • 13 volunteers, including 4 people volunteering for the first time: Laurie Macintosh, Barry Murray (dressed as a pirate!), Sonia Laszlo, Brennan Conquer-van Heumen
  • Eramosa River Trail parkrun participants have walked or run over 5,000 kilometres since we started last June
  • First finishers this week: Jackie Lo (21:30), Kyle Manchee (18:57)
  • Out-of-towners: Martin Kaye (photo below) and Linda Featherstone from Leeds, UK