parkrun is a great way for kids (and seniors) to keep moving


— by Patti Holmes

What a beautiful day for another parkrun this past Saturday. The sun was shining, the air was cool, and the course was dry!

This week we had three generations of my family doing parkrun in Guelph: my mom Teresa (79), my 9-year-old daughter Abby, and me (44).


Collectively, our favourite part of parkrun is the encouraging and enthusiastic community. We love the atmosphere that the volunteers, organizers and other runners create.

Abby might be the recipient of the most cheers from other runners along the course which keeps her motivated and happy. She has run two of them now, one in July and one yesterday. Besides running, she loves basketball, which she has played since she was 5.


parkrun allows a kid to run/walk at their own pace without feeling intimidated by some of the more traditional race settings. It’s a great introduction to the sport with a positive outcome — finishing with a smile and an encouraging crowd.

This week, we were able to cheer in my mom as she crossed the finish line as well. She has been a runner for as long as I can remember, and we are thrilled that she keeps it up at 79! There have been a few hiatuses along the way just because of life and health, but when not able to run, she will always walk.


She has the best attitude. She will laugh at herself when people tell her to have a nice walk when she is actually running! So, she is slow but still loves it.

Thanks so much parkrun!

— photos by Natalie Intven


Run Summary, Event #10

  • 68 runners and walkers this week
  • Youngsters:6 finishers aged in their teens, or younger
  • First-finishers: Kathleen Odumeru (photo above with her dad and two nephews), and teenager Joshua Hankins (not pictured) — all of them first-timers at our event!
  • Media Coverage: we had Tony Saxon of Guelph Today covering our event this week — his report and photos are here
  • New to Guelph (just moved from Winnipeg): Peter and Emma van Duinen (photo below) — welcome!
  • First-timers: 22
  • Personal Bests: 26
  • Volunteer Roster: 13, including first-time Run Director Christoph Kessel
  • 100 parkruns: two of this week's participants, Anne and Donald Eddie, have participated over 100 times at parkrun, including many different events
  • Club turnout: 8 from Up and Running, 15 from Guelph Victors, 3 from Bar Toads, and runners or walkers from 5 other clubs