A wheelie fun way to do parkrun


by Art Kilgour

parkrun is a “big tent” event. It welcomes everyone: runners, walkers, dogs, and even … strollers!

So I take advantage this week and arrive with my two-year-old grandson Max in his jogging “chariot.” I often push him around in the sleek stroller, but have never tried to run fast. How hard can it be? (Surprise! It’s winter today.)


The first kilometre is a shock. Suddenly, my arms are absolutely aching. “Relax” I tell myself. Lower the shoulders. Stop gripping the handlebars so tightly! I manage to loosen up and then hit a rhythm.

Luckily, I'm behind our local parkrun’s most experienced running dad, Dennis Waechter. Everyone knows Dennis, because he’s almost ALWAYS at parkrun with his two adorable boys, Xavier and Felix. But they’re nearly too big for the double stroller now, so parkrun is an enormous amount of work for Dennis. Luckily, he's six-foot-four or so and seems to handle it with ease. Look how relaxed he is!


Also running with a two-pack this week is Ryan Flint, who holds the unofficial running stroller course record for our event (something close to 20 minutes I think). He ends up way out front, but I get to wave three times on our double out-and-back course. Look how happy Liam and Emily appear under their blankets!


Pretty soon Max and I round the orange cone near Victoria, and are headed back west and “home” to the covered bridge. Max maintains a running chatter, snug as a bug in the stroller, with a duvet covering his legs and his stuffy “Ted” riding shotgun.

“It’s bumpy, Grandpa.” “You’re running over sticks, Grandpa.” He seems to enjoy having the trail whiz by, and he copies my greetings to other runners and volunteers. "Hi Teresa! Hi Barry!"

Pretty soon we’re climbing the little hill, rounding the final corner, and we see the iconic bridge in the distance, a welcome sight. I step on the gas, and in no time at all we're on the grass and crossing the finish line.


What fun! Another way to do parkrun, introducing a younger generation to a thing I love.

PARKRUN IS FOR KIDS TOO! — spread the word.

— what great photos by Natalie Intven!


An active life for healthier body and mind


by Murilo Romulo Carvalho

The chill wind was not a problem for the great group of parkrunners last week as we could spot smiles and cheering all along the course.

To be honest, the sunshine and the fall colours made a beautiful morning to get out there and warm the body up. The 62 runners (plus a few future parkrunners in the stroller, and some 4-pawed ones) did one of the last non-frozen walk/runs in 2021.


It feels like we are getting more and more people back to parkrun! We also learned that there will be a New Year’s Day run on Jan. 1, 2022.

So prepare yourself to kick 2022 off the best way possible — just remember to take a little bit easy on the celebrations, or finish the party at parkrun ;)

A special cheer to the 11 new parkrunners last week. It is so nice to see every week new faces showing up and how everyone appreciates to run with such supportive people. This is what parkrun is about: supporting the community around an active life for healthier body and mind.


Personally, it was fun to run again after a few weeks on the backstage as a volunteer. Speaking of volunteers, a huge thanks for the 9 volunteers that made the event happen for another week. You folks rock!!

I have to say I'm so grateful for meeting this great group of people that are always so welcoming and cheerful. I definitely encourage everyone to try volunteering, it gives an extra purpose and motivation to get out there.



It was a crisp fall morning at parkrun

by Chris teNyenhuis

The conditions on Saturday were beautiful for a run. Although it was overcast, it was not raining and the trail was dry.

It was cold enough that you wanted to keep moving. And yet if you really wanted to (and you were moving fast enough), you could still wear shorts (I wore tights!).

There were 53 enthusiastic runners/walkers, of whom nine were first-timers to the event. Like me, they probably came for fun, for healthy competition, for physical and mental well-being and for the sense of community.


There was also a gang of 11 faithful volunteers. It seems every time I go to parkrun, I see the same core group that selflessly gives of their time, both behind the scenes and during the event.


It is because of their dedication that the rest of us can just show up and walk, jog, or race at this free, relaxed and well-organized event. So … on behalf of all the participants, thank you very much parkrun volunteers!



Familiar faces, and new ones, each week at parkrun

by Katie Lamarre

I started running at Eramosa Parkrun in October of 2019. I’d been running for about 10 years (as a way to regain some fitness after having my boys) and was looking for something new, fun and local.

I have run lots of different distances but 5km is my favourite. I love that parkrun chose this distance because it allows me to just have fun, dress up, run with friends or challenge myself to a PB. The timing is perfect for a little sleep in and I can fit it in before my Saturday work shift in Peel as a paramedic.


I was so happy to hear that Parkrun was coming back after being put on hold for Covid-19. It’s been great to get back out there and see some familiar faces. It’s also amazing to see how many new people are joining each week! (Some of this week's first-timers are pictured below.)


Without all the wonderful volunteers Parkrun wouldn’t be possible so my next goal is to volunteer at a race to see if from the other side. (Two of this weeks volunteers, Lina and Peter, pictured below.)


Oct. 9, 2021 Run Summary

  • 34 participants, 6 of them first-timers
  • Male first-finisher: David Sharratt, 18:02
  • Female first-finisher: Natalie Intven, 25:52

Photos by Murilo Romulo


parkrun is back, baby!


by Lyndsay Dokas

After many long months of solo runs — to be honest, if at all — this week’s parkrun was a joy to attend!

I had been coming out to parkrun fairly regularly before the Covid-19 pause, and was happy to see so many familiar faces and lots of new ones out to enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

Despite a few new rules, parkrun’s fun and social atmosphere hasn’t changed, and there were lots of smiling eyes (smizes?) as everyone gathered at the start line with masks on.


Parkrun also looks a little different for our family this time around as we have a new, three-month old baby in the mix! Today,  Grandma and Grandpa generously volunteered for baby duty, allowing me and my husband Parker to do a rare thing — an activity at the same time! We spotted a few brave souls with running strollers and toddlers, and contemplated our future with our son.


While it’s not always easy to find the time to run these days, having a weekly, family-friendly activity close to home is a definite motivator. Also, since parkrun is welcoming of all running paces I can always take it easy on days I’m feeling especially sleep deprived!

As for this week’s run, the weather was perfect and there was more scenery to keep things interesting now that we can use the full length of the Eramosa River Trail. The volunteers and other runners were so encouraging as always and before I knew it I had finished my first 5k since baby!


Once we were sufficiently hydrated with a hot, post-run coffee, we headed home and it was nap time for all.

We really missed this Saturday routine and are so happy to have it back. Thanks to all the volunteers for their continual efforts in making parkrun happen and the organizers for working with the city to restart in a Covid-friendly way. See you next week!


Sept. 25, 2021 Run Summary

  • 62 participants, plus kids in strollers, with 19 of them first-timers
  • Female first-finisher: Deb Powell, 21:34
  • Male first-finisher: Rich Tremain, 18:19
  • Youngest participant: Olivia Riso (11-14), 24:45
  • Oldest participant (below): Teresa Wall (80-84), Teresa Wall, 53:18

Photos by Natalie Intven, Art Kilgour

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