parkrun 104 – Technical Difficulties with timing

We are sorry to report that due to technical difficulties times for parkrun #104 could not be uploaded. The parkrun system gives all runners a default time of 59:59.


It’s Cold and Snowy and Windy! Oh my!

Winter has returned to its normal programming and we have cancelled the Churchill Parkway parkrun for January 28, 2023.
The extremely cold weather forecasted for Saturday morning present too much of a risk of frostbite for our volunteers and runners.
We'll resume next week with parkrun as the long range forecast looks much more favourable.


Another parkrun Cancelled

The Churchill Parkway trail is in terrible condition along a number of sections. Large ice patches and uneven stretches are just too sketchy to run on.
With participant safety top of mind the organizers have cancelled the April 2nd parkrun.
We continue to monitor trail conditions closely and will reassess the viability of holding parkrun next week.
There's a stretch of warm weather ahead that will hopefully clear up the icy surfaces. It's likely that the trail will be runnable, just very wet.
We are also watching Red River levels as the river on on the rise and may soon be up over the banks and onto the trail.
Stay tuned for more updates.


Will Winter Ever End?

Churchill Parkway parkrun Cancelled - March 12, 2022

Well it's the middle of March, spring is supposed to right around the corner and we're cancelling another Churchill Parkway parkrun. Our trail is once again drifted in, the temperature is dropping to -31 with the windchill, and the wind is gusting up to 50 km/h for most of the morning.

At least it's going to be sunny!

At least it's going to be sunny!

The weather looks to be turning the corner though. We'll be back next week. Expect the trail to be a little icy and wet.



Snow banks, No thanks!

Unfortunately the the Churchill Parkway trail has not been cleared of snow and it is impossible for us to hold a parkrun this Saturday, February 26th.
The city has cleared about one kilometre of the trail over the last three days. The snowfall and drifting that occurred last weekend has proven to be extremely difficult to move.
We hope that the trail will be clear and ready for runners next weekend when we host an International Women's Day parkun on March 5th.

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