Chain of Lakes parkrun is cancelled on 2021-02-27 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event 50


Event #50 - Trailblazing Women

Today we celebrated International Women's Day.

33 tenacious runners, walkers and joggers braved the chilly wind to blaze the Chain of Lakes Trail for 5 km.

Huge congratulations to the 4 parkrunners who set Personal Bests today, despite the wind!

And welcome to the 3 first-time parkrunners. We hope to see you back at the Chain of Lakes parkrun next weekend for St. Patrick's Day.

The air was a dry, chilly -4 degrees, but the winds -- gusting up to 100 kph -- were a significant factor for the parkrunners. We had a reprieve from the snow, which only started in time for coffee / hot chocolate at Second Cup.

Thank you to today's volunteers, including several first-timers. If you are interested in volunteering for Chain of Lakes parkrun, which will be 1 year old on March 21, or if you are interested in helping to organise a brand new parkrun across the harbour later this year, then please get in touch:

Officially today was the International Women's Day parkrun.

Unofficially, today's Chain of Lakes Parkrun was held in memory and honour of 4 trailblazing Canadian women runners who changed the world forever, less than 100 years ago.

For the first time ever, Olympic running events for women were held in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1928.

Canada, after finishing without any medals in the 1924 Olympics, sent "The Matchless Six" women's track and field team to compete, despite controversy over the decision at home.

The Canadian team took the gold medal for the world's first Olympic women's 4 x 100m relay race:

Jane Bell
Myrtle Cook
Bobbie Rosenfeld
Ethel Smith

Returning home to Canada after the 1928 Olympics, the Matchless Six were paraded around downtown Toronto amidst a crowd of 200,000 fans. Women's sport was here to stay.

Their paths to breakthroughs and success were difficult. But they perservered. Less than a century ago, these trailblazing women changed Canada, and changed the world.

If you would like to read more about The Matchless Six, please see links to some of their stories below.

The Girl and the Game, a book by M. Ann Hall, is also an excellent history of women in Canadian sport:

Bobbie Rosenfeld, Chateleine Magazine, July, 1933:

"Athletic Maids, to arms! Andy Lytle beware! We are taking up the sword, and high time it is, in defense of our so-called athletic bodies to give the lie to those pen flourishers who depict us not as paragons of feminine physique, beauty and health, but rather as Amazons and ugly ducklings — all because we have become sport-minded and have chosen to delve so wholeheartedly into competitive sport."

More about Bobbie Rosenfeld:

More about Myrtle Cook:

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame:


Event 49

Last Saturday, 44 of Halifax’s finest leapt their way to parkrun, Chain of Lakes to make the most of their extra day of the year. We are so glad they did, we met 9 brand new parkrunners (Welcome!! Please come again!) and almost a full quarter of our runners got themselves some nice new Personal Bests to help them celebrate Leap Year 2020. There won’t be another chance to do that until 2048!

We had runners representing their clubs from BLT Runners, Turtle Runners and North End Runners. The first two clubs of which have very successfully taken parkrun over the last two months. North End Runners, we have our eye on you!

This week we had younger parkrunners in our cohort – well done Cooper and Mateo! Great work!! We also had some couples out parkrunning together making those of us whose partners are yet to embrace running a little envious. Nice one Glen and Tanya and Dustin and Heather…  #relationshipgoals.

We had a glorious line up of volunteers last week including Shannon on barcodes, Carolyn and Lorraine on time keeping, Catherine gave you your finish tokens, Jeanne brought the equipment and set it up, Erin and her two darling boys marshalled our course at the turnaround point, Sandy was our roving marshal on the course, Andy got you all home as our star tail walker and Jackie forgot lots of things to tell you as RD in the pre-run speech and therefore will tell you now..

We have a lorry load of news coming up keeping things interesting at parkrun.

This coming Saturday is International Women’s Day and unlike all of the other parkruns in Canada who are putting together an all female lineup of volunteers for the occasion, we are doing the opposite! Our teams are more often than not made up primarily of women so this week we are encouraging the women to run while the men do all the work! Much better!  Purple is the colour if you feel like dressing up for the day in support of IWD.

The week after is this RD’s favourite event of the year, Saint Patrick’s parkrun!!! We are going to be wearing green and celebrating in style by doing what we do best, running, jogging and walking!

21st March is a big deal for Chain of Lakes as it marks our very first anniversary. A whole year of parkrun is very hard to believe and such an achievement. We are so proud of our event and the amazing volunteers who keep the parkrun model going by volunteering regularly so that we all get lots of chances to enjoy it.  We hope to see more parkruns branching off and growing our family. Truro parkrun in Victoria Park starts this coming Saturday (March 7th) and we are eagerly awaiting news of a Dartmouth parkrun too. We’re thrilled that the numbers have increased at our weekly runs and we’re so grateful to all of our parkrunners and parkwalkers for that. Please join us on our anniversary, we have lots planned to celebrate that so keep an eye on our page for details.

On March 28th we plan to mark Brain Injury Awareness Month – the colour they have chosen to mark the month is green so keep your green clothes to hand and an eye on our page for details.

Easter is a little way off but not so far that we can’t plan our next takeover… we are having a fantabulous, super special Easter takeover by none other than True North Pacing Bunnies!!!

These bunnies are going to help motivate and cheer us in on our 5k goals on Easter Saturday, April 11th so that we can eat as much chocolate as we like and then work it back off. Stay tuned for more details and get training for the time you want to aim for. You have just over 5 weeks!!

By the time May comes around we will be hoping to have another club lined up to take us over and at some point over the summer we are planning to have a kids take over too. There’s lots of roles kids can do and enjoy and may be a good chance for a junior running group to have a go at parkrun.


parkrun Takeovers so far 2020:

January: Turtle Runners

February: BLT Runners

March: Male Volunteer Takeover for IWD

April: True North Pace Bunnies

May: It could be your club!

If your club would like to take us over in May just let us know, it involves club members taking over all volunteer roles and cheering on their remaining members who are running in the parkrun pack.


Thanks so much to all of our wonderful volunteers and participants!


See you at 9 am sharp for a free, weekly, timed 5k. How you do it is up to you!


Event 48 – BLT Takeover

There was a sea of teal at the 48th Chain of Lakes parkrun.  The BLT Runners have been an integral part of our local Parkrun since its inception, both in running and volunteering.  This strong support has propelled the local running squad into second place in Canada for club participation.  When a local running club takes over for the day the core group of volunteers get to RUN, and that’s just what we did!


Despite the chilly weather we had our second largest turnout with 60 runners and walkers lining up at the start (62 if you count the dogs:).  Ian Loughead, running in his 33rd Chain of Lakes Parkrun, was first to cross the finish line with Jill Rahili finishing strong in first place for the women.  Of the participants, 20 were first time parkrunners and 12 personal bests were achieved on the course!  A huge congratulations to Kevin Cody and Norma Houston for setting new records in their age categories for Parkrun Canada!


If your club is interested in taking over, or you would like to volunteer please let us know at  To participate, register for free at



Happy Valentine’s Day – event #47, February 15, 2020

Our 47th parkrun was our coldest one yet, hovering between -17 and -20C depending on when the wind blew. Fun fact: our dear Christian has completed 18 parkruns at Chain of Lakes in shorts - including today's chilly run! Out of the 13 parkrunners, there were two speedy first-timers. We were honoured to have a new under-10 parkrun participant join in on his first ever parkrun event Fun fact #2: Micah is 8 years old and came in 8th place! Way to go!

Due to the trail conditions, we have been adjusting the start finish line further down the trail by the first overpass to avoid some ice patches that seem to make their weekly appearances. The move benefits the change of the turnaround point to be at the gate across the trail.

March 21st marks our one-year parkrun anniversary! However, there are a few themed parkruns leading up to it to keep things fun. Details are on the Chain of lakes parkrun Facebook page. Next up is the BLT runners parkrun takeover on February 22! If you have a group or club that would be interested in doing a take-over sometime, please let us know!

If anyone would like to help by volunteering please let us know in person, on Facebook, on Messenger, through email:

We are always looking for new or returning volunteers so we can rotate and allow some of the core team to run on occasion. Also, you can earn yourself a volunteer t-shirt if you volunteer 25 times!

Thanks to our 8 hi-vis heroes who made this event possible:
Sara MACDONALD, Jackie RYAN, Carolyn LITTLEJOHNS, Catherine GUNN, Jeanne JU, Amanda DURLING, Joyce HUGHES, Sandy CYR


February 8, 2020-Event #46!

We had a great turnout of 23 participants including 4 first timers! After the wild weather yesterday it was a pleasant surprise that the course was in such great shape. Thanks Ian for doing the course check today! The temperature was perfect for February but there was a brutal headwind on the return trip, great work by all pushing through it!

Results are posted here!

We had an amazing group of 12 volunteers who made it all happen today! It’s awesome to see some new people getting involved to help our little parkrun continue to grow and evolve, we can’t do it without you…..THANK YOU!!!

Amanda DURLING  •  Carolyn LITTLEJOHNS  •  Catherine GUNN  •  Ian LOUGHEAD  •  Isabelle WADE  •  Jeanne JU  •  Lisa GAUTREAU  •  Nicole MAUGER  •  Rachel SMITH  •  Sandy CYR  •  Sara MACDONALD • Jackie Ryan

We are always looking for new or returning volunteers to join the roster. If you can help us out in the coming weeks, please let us know in person or via Facebook, Messenger or email

Did you know…you can earn yourself a free volunteer t-shirt if you volunteer 25 times!


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